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35 Years: Hercules celebrates industry expert Dwayne Fader


Today, we had the honour to celebrate one of our long-standing employees, Dwayne Fader, and his 35th year at Hercules SLR.

Dwayne truly ‘knows the ropes’ of this industry – he’s gone from splicing wire rope, where he transitioned to a role selling rigging and lifting equipment, to managing the Hercules SLR sales team. Now, he begins a new chapter of his career path with a shift of responsibilities (we couldn’t get rid of him if we tried!) as we head into the new year.

The executive team and Dwayne met for lunch to share stories, say ‘see you later!’ and congratulate Dwayne on his years of dedicated service.


What are some of the greatest lessons Dwayne’s learned so far? “Never stop learning, and be your own teacher – I’ve been able to discover something interesting or new about the rigging industry, whether it’s in Greece or visiting a customer on-site.”

Dwayne will continue to share his industry insight and knowledge – but he’ll be doing so from Florida, for now!

Dwayne truly has a passion for the industry, and the people. “It’s amazing how fast time goes. At Hercules, the people have truly made this company great – I’ve been surrounded by people who have taught and let me grow.”

Thank you for everything Dwayne – good luck and congratulations, you have truly earned it. 

dwayne clock
Wire rope clock – celebrating 35 years