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Behind-the-Scenes: Life of a Slingmaster Sling


A SlingMaster sling lives a short,  but full life. We’ve covered the less-talked about non-destructive testing here  and here – but what exactly does destructive testing look like, and why do we use it?

Destructive testing is the process used to test a product and find its ultimate load (the load at which the item being tested fails or no longer supports the load) – in this case, a SlingMaster webbing sling’s breaking or tensile strength. This helps our riggers’ determine how our slings perform under different conditions.

First, one of our industrial seamstresses measures and cuts the length of the sling.

Then, the sling travels to our warehouse for destructive testing. The buttons are pressed, and the stretch begins.

The sling is pulled from each end with increasing force applied in increments – this mimics the sensation of a sling supporting a load.

Watch the video below to see the life-cycle of a SlingMaster sling – from birth, to death-by-destructive testing:

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