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CertTracker – Inspections, Maintenance & Tracking


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CertTracker is our FREE online, asset management system available to all our customers and is a critical component of your total solutions package.

CertTracker delivers innovative solutions that streamline any inspection and maintenance process. Mobile computing, Radio Frequency (RFID) tagging and internet applications provide you, your contractors, and your customers enhanced accuracy and operational efficiency. Not to mention eliminating most of the paperwork.

  • Eliminates the errors and time constraints associated with paperwork, faxing and re-keying of data
  • Avoid under-utilization— Eliminate calendar method of swapping out used assets
  • Instruction driven inspections with digital checklists
  • Timestamps prove when and where the inspection took place
  • RFID employee cards manage access and provide accountability
  • Durable, accurate and immediate identification with RFID
  • Accommodates bar-code and traditional serial number tag data
  • Simple to use electronic inspections and e-forms enforce rules
  • Alert service teams and management automatically on overdue inspections/certifications and corresponding work order details
  • Streamline digital inventory counts, balances and location tracking
  • Immediate access to inspection and maintenance history through secure hosted online database and manufacturers, distributors and end-users
  • Functions with predictive maintenance systems
  • Endorsed by safety auditors


• Identification
• Inspections
• Preventative Maintenance
• Certifications
• Inventory
• Asset Tracking



CertTracker utilizes durable RFID chips for fast and accurate identification. Handheld computers capture inspections and maintenance operations, eliminating manual data entry. Convert unit-of-measure (lbs to kgs, PSI to kPa, etc.) on the fly for field operations. Capture equipment entering in and out of service as well as location transfers. All data is synchronized back to the online database and automatically disseminated to other parties.


Enable your team or service provider to record any operation. This may include daily inspections, scheduled maintenance and annual certifications. Mobile handheld software guides users step-by-step through any task or procedure. Each job is time-stamped by user to ensure a reliable audit record.


CertTracker tracks any asset. Tailor category and item-specific attributes, inspection forms, test forms, material certs and other documentation. Initiate items in the shop or field. This is made simple with pre-filled templates and drop down menus for any asset detail you need to track.

Always Available

CertTracker includes a secure online database hosting your entire asset operation history. Management are notified with alerts for failed inspections, repairs and work order details. Various reports alert you to overdue service and inspections. Find specific assets by various search criteria including ID #, location, owner, etc. Asset detail history includes:
• Attribute history (ie. size, length)
• Location tracking log
• Material certifications and test inspection history
• Asset performance analytics — evaluate usage history, performance, brand comparisons & more
• Complete backup download of your online database is also available.

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