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Get to Know your Territory Manager, Marc-Antoine Nolin


Today, we sat down with Quebec Hercules SLR Territory Manager, Marc-Antoine Nolin. We’re proud to have managers with a wide-array of industry experience and hands-on training. Marc has worked in both the mechanical and financial industries, and works at Hercules SLR as a Territory Manager and Trainer—he spoke with us about his professional experience, training courses he’s completed and his role at Hercules SLR.

Tell us about your educational background?

In 2010, I graduated from automotive mechanics. I worked in this field for a few years, then returned to sales-consulting and representation studies—I then obtained my certificate from the Autorité des Marches Financiers (Authority of Financial Markets). After graduation, I worked as a financial security advisor for some time.

What made you decide to enter this industry?

I missed working in a field where the product is tangible and more technical. So I started looking for a new challenge, and by chance I came across a job offer from Hercules SLR. The safety and lifting field was unknown to me, so I took the opportunity to develop experience in a field that had a lot of opportunity.

Can you tell us about your work experience before joining Hercules SLR?

When I worked in the mechanic field, I developed my technical and logistical skills. I had to supervise the team of mechanics, so I had to communicate well. I also worked on telecommunication lines, where I trained for work at heights.

My years in financial services have helped me develop my communication skill and explain things well.

What made you want to transition into training and management?

I’ve always enjoyed gaining and sharing new knowledge. In my various jobs, I was often the person dedicated to training new employees. I like to talk in front of and interact with a group. When the opportunity to become a trainer presented itself, I immediately took my chance—I knew it was right for me.

Why did you decide to work for Hercules SLR?

I applied at Hercules SLR to take up a new challenge. I’ve been lucky to work at Hercules for four years now. During these four great years, I’ve worked in almost every position in the company. I’ve developed a passion for the field and now I have the opportunity to share the knowledge I’ve gained.

Where have you traveled during your time as a training specialist for Hercules SLR?

I’ve traveled to local training courses in Quebec, and to Halifax to attend the first rigging fundamental training at the Hercules Training Academy.

Is there anywhere that you would like to travel in the future with Hercules SLR?
Hard hat? Check. Suit? Check. Managing is a balancing act!

I love discovering new cities, so no matter where my role as a trainer takes me, it will be a pleasure. I haven’t been to Western Canada for a long time, so I’d like to go back there!

Lastly, is there anything that you hope to accomplish during your career at Hercules SLR?

I’m passionate about my job—the most important thing I want to accomplish through my job as a trainer is to share my knowledge and make sure people can work safely.

At the moment, I give one class—I’d like to eventually acquire the accreditations to give other courses. I’d also like to seek other LEEA certifications and training courses in the future.

Training Courses by Hercules SLR

Hercules SLR offers a wide array of safety training courses. Alongside our standard courses, we’ll tailor-make courses to suit your specific requirements—at our facility or yours. Find out how we’ll help you raise the bar in safety training.

To learn more about our courses, e-mail us at [email protected].