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Get to Know your Trainer – Boris Satiric

trainer boris satiric at hercules slr

Get to Know your Trainer – Boris Satiric

Boris Satiric, is one of our highly experienced Training Specialists. We sat down with him to find out more about him and how he decided to choose training as a career path.

Tell us about your background?

Boris: I spent 12 years of dedicated service in the Royal Highland Regiment of Canada – Black Watch, I trained in, and became qualified in several aspects of leadership, operational skills in different environments, and trained with a wide selection of arms and vehicles.

During my time as a faculty member with the Laval University and Polytechnic school as an Electro Technician LEEA Logofor high tension network I developed my technical knowledge and skill set that helped me manage different technical demands within the industry.

During my 12 years with Hercules, I have obtained many additional skills and qualifications which include being LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineering Association) certified, with experience with Fall Protection equipment and Tower Cranes etc.

What made you decide to enter this industry?

Boris: My decision was based upon my first impressions and experience that I had when I started working for Hercules. I knew it was a good fit technically for me, and decided to pursue my career within this field, progressing within the company. I like the challenges the job presents, and every day is different.

What made you want to transition into training?

Boris: With experience in leadership and teaching in Canadian forces I decided to use my teaching and technical knowledge to help other people understand the risks of rigging and lifting, and how to deal with those challenges. During site visits to customers, as an inspector I noticed a lack of understanding dangers and that message MUST be passed on to avoid accidents and uphold workplace safety.

boris-get to know your trainer-hercules-slr
Boris inspects tower crane wire 52 stories high

Where have you traveled during your time as a training specialist for Hercules SLR?

Boris: A great deal of the training that I deliver is based in the Western Canada, but Hercules can deliver training anywhere in the country, so I look forward to travelling wherever the job may take me.

Is there anywhere that you would like to travel to in the future with Hercules SLR?

Boris: I would love to travel across the Middle East and South America! Hercules is currently a national company in Canada, however as and when they expand globally, I’d love to go back to Europe, Australia, United States, or Asia.

Lastly, is there anything that you hope to accomplish during your career in the industry?

Boris: I am hoping to get more LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineering Association) courses under my belt to further my knowledge in the field and further my management potential. My main focus though, is to continue to contribute to today’s safety culture.

Hercules SLR offers a wide array of safety training courses. Alongside our standard courses we can tailor make courses to suit your specific requirements, at our facility or yours. To find out more about our course and how we can help you raise the bar in safety training email us at: [email protected]