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Hercules SLR: Heavy Lifting & Exceeding a Million


Heavy Lifting Mastery: Hercules SLR’s Ability to Lift Over a Million

You might have heard about the Splitter vessel that recently travelled from Fort Saskatchewan from Edmonton and was the biggest load to ever travel on Alberta’s streets and provincial highways.

The vessel, called a Splitter, will be installed at the Heartland Petrochemical Complex—It’s used to produce polypropylene plastic. The Splitter is seriously huge, weighing 820-tons, or 1,807,790lbs and is 96-metres long. This is as long as a CFL football field and as heavy as the Statue of Liberty. After assembly on-site, it weighed 1,200-tons, or 24,000,000lbs. Yep, 24-million pounds.

The journey itself took 4-days—a trip that normally takes just 45-minutes by vehicle. The vessel travelled through what’s known as “Alberta’s High-Load Corridor” and used guide vehicles, safety personnel and trailers & tires that evenly distributed the load’s weight. The city of Edmonton worked with the province for over a year to plan the big move.


The end of the vessel’s journey is where Hercules SLR steps in.

Hercules SLR installed the drill lines for the Splitter vessel. Drill lines are wire rope that’s multi-threaded or reeved through typically in 6-12 parts. They travel between the block and crown so drill strings can lower and lift in-and-out of a wellbore.

Before the lift, Hercules SLR re-certified all their wire rope slings. Since this lift was so enormous, the risk was amplified. It is considered a critical lift—This means taking proper risk assessment measures is ultra-important to plan and ensure risk is minimized. ASME standards suggest you inspect your lifting equipment and hardware at least once a year.

Hercules SLR performed a rigorous inspection and calculated the lift to all risk factors. Since the rigging holds and secures the load to the crane, this is an extremely important step that Hercules SLR’s rigger’s take to ensure the load will be moved without damaging the equipment, running into obstacles or injure surrounding people.

Check out photos of this enormous vessel and rigging below.

820lb splitter vessel drill line installation