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Hercules SLR at the Sable Strategic Leadership Workshop


John Shillington, Hercules SLR Branch Manager and Offshore Technician, had everyone’s attention yesterday at the Sable Strategic Leadership Workshop held in Halifax.

John presented some of the initiatives his team is taking to prolong the life and ensure the safe operation of the pedestal cranes on the sable asset platforms offshore Nova Scotia. With the use of Magnetic Rope Testing   (MRT), increased inspection frequency, and rotation of ropes, John and his team are able to prolong the ropes use reducing downtime and replacement costs. Other initiatives include annual critical hose inspections and sample burst testing to ensure that hydraulic hoses used to power the cranes are secure and free of leaks.

With the sable project in decommissioning mode, ExxonMobil brought together it’s critical contractors to discuss strategies to “finish Strong” with the end goal of sending everyone home safely and have no environmental impact at the end of the project. Each contractor had an opportunity to present their contribution to the project. It was a great day of team building and networking.

John Shillington, Branch Manager, Hercules Dartmouth

Hercules SLR has been a strategic partner with ExxonMobil Canada from the beginning of the Sable project, providing lifting equipment, crane maintenance, and container inspections. We are very proud of the contribution our team has made over the years and the partnerships we have developed. The Sable project is one big family and we are happy to report that our team has worked in this challenging environment for over 10 years with no lost time incidents. This is a great tribute to the dedication of not only our team, but that of ExxonMobil and the other contractors who have supported us over the years. We thank them for their support look forward to “Finishing Strong”.