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Lights, Camera Action: Kito TNER Theater Hoist

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Timely maintenance and repair work on stage equipment at major entertainment events is now a thing of the past. The Harrington TNER by Kito was designed to specifically address some of the major maintenance items that were previously problematic in the entertainment industry.

Traditional entertainment hoist brake systems are always a major maintenance item. This is why the TNER was developed with a revolutionary pull rotor brake that comes with an incredible 5 year warranty- regardless of wear. The pull rotor brake is simple and proven which is why it’s the world’s most reliable theatrical hoist brake. With no brake coil to fail and no wire leads, it’s as simple as ‘power on, brake off’.

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Another common problem that the TNER avoids is chain piling which can cause jamming.  Traditional hoist motors are designed with stamped steel chain guides that are prone to wear and frequent maintenance.  The TNER however features a cast iron chain guide located on the bottom of the hoist that is resistant to wear and jamming and can easily be replaced without disassembling the hoist.

The TNER theatrical hoist was developed with a sleek rounded body and ergonomic fold away handles designed to fit traditional road cases. The TNER comes with a unique plug and play quick voltage changer that allows the user to quickly switch from 220V to 440V and the ½ and 1 tonne models travel at 16 feet per minute, while the 2 tonne unit travels at 8 feet per minute.