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Meet the Team: Darline Ducharme, Service Coordinator

Meet the Team: Darline Ducharme, Service Coordinator

Meet the Team: Darline Ducharme, Service Coordinator

Darline is originally from Leduc, BC has been working at our branch for the last 3 years. She originally took on a shipping/receiving role and has been recently promoted to Service Coordinator at the branch. One thing that Darline emphasized while we were talking was the learning opportunities that Hercules has given her. Aside from her driven work ethic, the in house and on the job, training has aided the success she has had in her role. She has learned from her coworkers as well as some of our training courses such as:

– Forklift Training where she learned about using forklifts of various sizes
– Overhead Crane Training which helped with her understanding of the industry and our customers.

Darline gives credit to her company knowledge to the shipping and receiving role she started in. This was a role she entered with no experience. With the help of everyone around her, and observing the way things work, she gradually learned the products and the ins and outs of working at Hercules.

As the service coordinator, her day at the office is never normally the same. She takes pride in being organized with her role so that we can serve customers the best way possible. She is always entering orders, keeping service orders on track, looking out for rush orders and pre calling customers to get them in for servicing ahead of time. Another task Darline keeps up with is assuring that all inspectors have the proper certifications to enter customer sites.

As mentioned above, her workday is never the same. This is something that Darline says keeps the job interesting and exciting. She is the main direct point of contact for customers, and she likes the interaction with the different customers that Hercules SLR services. If you are looking for a service or have a question on how Hercules can serve you and your project, Darline and her team will gladly help!

The Leduc shop is the busiest with wire rope. They often supply snatch blocks and chain slings to the oil industry and guy strand to the telecommunication industry. They often certify spreader beams of various sizes when their annual inspections are due.

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To contact our team in Leduc:

3921 81st Avenue

Leduc Alberta, T9E 8S^

Phone: +17809805200

Email: [email protected]