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Ontario Investing in Projects to Reduce Workplace Injuries

Ontario Investing in Projects to Reduce Workplace Injuries Blog Header

Ontario projects to address mobile equipment hazards, mental health

Ontario is partnering with universities, professional associations and research groups on projects that will help support workplace mental health, advance our understanding of occupational diseases and prepare workers to deal with equipment hazards.

“Investing in projects that improve our knowledge mean we can continue to reduce injuries and save lives in Ontario workplaces,” said Minister of Labour Kevin Flynn. “By making the right investments today, we are helping ensure our province continues to be one of the safest places in the world to work.”

The province will work with partners to develop: Tools for workplaces to increase awareness of mobile equipment hazards such as vibration exposure, line-of-sight/situational awareness and musculoskeletal disorders for the construction, mining, pulp and paper and forestry sectors; an education program and broadly accessible resources to support the mental health and wellness of vulnerable employees such as young workers, new Canadians and those embarking on second careers; and a mobile app that will provide information about mental health, allow for self-assessment of symptoms and help

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Durham Regional Police Service’s officers and staff find appropriate clinical services when needed.

These projects are part of the Occupational Health, Safety and Prevention Innovation Program (OHSPIP), which supports workplace-focused innovation projects and collaborative partnerships that lead to improvements in occupational health and safety in Ontario.

Since 2003, Ontario’s annual rate of workplace injuries has dropped by more than 50 per cent, making the province’s workplaces the safest in Canada.

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