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Prepare for Ingersoll Rand® LCA and LCH parts retirement


Important Reminder: Prepare for the Retirement of Ingersoll Rand® LCA and LCH Parts

Reminder: Prepare Now for Upcoming Ingersoll Rand® LCA and LCH Parts Retirement

Please plan now to prepare for the discontinuation of parts for the Ingersoll Rand® Liftchain hook LCA and LCH products lines, effective Dec. 31, 2018.

Despite their discontinuation in 2009 (they were replaced by the LC2A and the LC2H hoist series), we have continued to support the LCA and LCH product lines for the past 10 years.


Liftchain Hook Mount Air Chain Hoist
1.5-100 ton
Ingersoll Rand Liftchain Hook Hoists are the most advanced heavy-lifting hoists in the Ingersoll Rand hoist line. They incorporate all the best features we’ve developed from our decades of experience into a compact, modular frame. Hook Mount versions offer maximum versatility to place them where you
need them. Count on Liftchain hook mount hoists to get the job done.

Plan ahead now to:

  • Understand your customer base and stock the parts for any discontinued product which may be relevant to their service needs to help minimize service lead times for these product users.
  •  Recognize that Ingersoll Rand® will no longer provide technical support or service training for products for which parts have been discontinued.
  • Work with your customers to upgrade any current products from the previous LCA line to the current LC2A line.

While we are committed to supporting products throughout their lifecycle with parts for maintenance and overhauls, this change will enable our customer base to realize the features and benefits of our latest product portfolio as they replace aging products. This change will also allow all of us to focus on the latest product line with improved technology and safety features.

Please direct any questions you may have about this transition to your sales leader.