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Rope Buying Guide

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Rope Buying Guide

Whether you’re setting sail, on the farm, going camping, the options when using rope are endless. Not sure which rope is the best for you? Check out our latest blog to find out about our most popular styles and common uses.

Questions answered about Double Braid Nylon rope, Superdan Rope, Amsteel Blue Rope and Manila Rope:

  1. What qualities does each rope have?
  2. How much will the rope stretch? 
  3. What are popular uses for double braid nylon rope?
  4. What are the popular uses for Superdan rope?
  5. What are the popular uses for Amsteel rope? 
  6. What are popular uses for Manila rope? 
  7. Where can I buy rope? 

Double Braid Nylon Rope

Double braid nylon rope, also known as braid-on-braid nylon, is composed of a loosely braided nylon rope core covered with a tightly braided nylon jacket. The braided nylon jacket protects the core from abrasion and other damage. Double braid nylon rope is super strong, easy to handle, and ultra-durable.

Double braid nylon rope has the highest strength to elongation ratio of any synthetic fiber rope. Thus, double braid nylon rope is a popular choice for the application that requires high strength and shock absorption.

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Popular uses:

• Boat mooring lines
• Marine use
• Dog leashes
• General use
• Camping
• Farming/Ranching
• Horse halters
• Towing
• Anchors
• Tie-Downs
• Knot-tying
• Strength-related application

Superdan Rope

Superdan rope is an ultra-strong, cost-effective rope made from high polypropylene yarn. Polypropylene yarn is a water-resistant rope that is lightweight. Oils, moulds, mildew, and most chemicals won’t affect it. This rope is a multi-purpose rope ideal for general industrial, marine, and commercial fishing applications.

Superdan rope has anti-abrasion properties, high UV light resistance, and a breaking strength that is 50% better than BS and ISO standards and regulations. Superdan rope requires splicing when creating a loop to maintain its durability. It’s also worth mentioning that polypropylene has a low stretch resistance (i.e., it will not return to its original size after being stretched out) that could be a benefit or drawback, depending on the nature of your project.

Popular uses:

• Marine applications (anchor, docking, swimming lanes, boating)
• Exercise (CrossFit)
• Outdoor use such as camping
• Applications requiring stretch

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Amsteel Blue

AmSteel-Blue is a high-performance 12-strand single braid made entirely of Dyneema® fibre. It also has the highest strength-to-weight ratio, minimal stretch, and is more robust than wire rope of the same size—but it floats. The rope is also flex fatigue resistance and wear resistance. AmSteel-Blue is Samthane coated, enhancing the fibre’s already high abrasion and cut-resistant characteristics. It’s the highest strength single braid rope Samson makes that still can be spliced and inspected easily.

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Popular uses:

• Halyard
• Lifeline
• Primary mooring line
• Chipper winch line
• Control line
• Emergency tow system


Also referred to as Jute, Manila rope is what one thinks of as a “traditional rope.” (If you imagine a classic “tug-of-war” rope, that’s manila!) Manila ropes history shows that it is of great use for rigging sails, mooring and anchor ropes because of its durability and strength.

Manila is a versatile rope for a variety of tasks. It does not snap haphazardly like many other synthetic ropes. Manila rope is also durable so that it does not melt quickly. In addition to its industrial strength, Manila rope is also very visually appealing. It is common to use this rope for home decoration and DIY projects. Hercules SLR stocks Manila rope in various diameters and break strengths, available in cut lengths, coils, and assemblies.

Popular uses:

· Decorations
· Gardening
· Rope ladder
· Exercise (climbing, tug of war, obstacles)
· Crafts
· Safety nets

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