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Samson K-100 hoist line: Samson K-100 hoist line: the first synthetic crane rope

Samson K-100 hoist line: first synthetic crane rope-hercules-slr
Samson K-100 hoist line: the first synthetic crane rope

Samson rope’s K-100 hoist rope is the first of its kind – a synthetic rope to be used with mobile cranes for hoisting applications. Traditionally, steel wire rope has been used for lifting applications with cranes – the K-100 is suitable for crane or truck hoist rope, or mobile crane hoist line applications.

K-100 hoist line: what’s the benefit?

The K-100 hoist rope has a high strength-to-weight ratio, bend fatigue durability and is easy to spool. It has a strength similar to wire rope – but reduces load weight by 80%. It also meets maximum line pull requirements with its 5:1 safety factor.

Samson has coated the K-100 rope in their proprietary coating that includes Dyneema® – this improves its cyclic bend performance compared to sheave applications commonly found on mobile cranes. It has a fibre core/cover – specifically, a polyester control core and a high-modulus (low elasticity) blend.

Samson K-100 Crane Hoist features:
  • Corrosion resistant – no rust or lube needed, which helps eliminate environmental concerns
  • Easy handling, reeving and installation
  • Reduced wear on sheaves and drums
  • Reduces number of change outs caused by kinking, bird-caging, or damage from diving
  • Reduces risk of hand injuries from broken wires, increased handling safety
  • Has same load pull and load chart, but with a 5:1 safety factor
  • Standardizes main and auxiliary hoist to one rope
  • Torque-neutral construction reduces load spin and cabling
  • Resistant to drum-crushing
Safety Factor: calculating stress-based design factor

There are different definitions of safety factor across many industries – which is also commonly known as the design factor. The Samson K-100 rope uses the safety or design factor calculation related to rigging and lifting applications.

The safety factor is the theoretical reserve capability of a product, which is determined by dividing the ultimate load by the working load limit (WLL). The ultimate load may also be known as nominal breaking strength. This calculation is expressed as a ratio – the K-100’s safety factor is 5:1.

Samson K-100 Crane Hoist Elongation
Samson Rope K-100 Hoist Line: weight matters

Another benefit of K-100 crane wire is it’s weight – as we mentioned, it’s 80% lighter than wire rope and can be beneficial for operators who travel during Spring Thaw Restrictions in Canada. Spring Thaw Policies are periods of time during/following Canadian Spring, (specific timelines and affected zones vary from province to province – if you’ve experienced a Spring in Nova Scotia versus British Columbia you know why!) and limit damage to at-risk roads.

Studies show that pavement reacts to a load 50%-70% greater in the Spring. Basically, the same axle a truck drives on daily can cause 5-8 times more damage in the Spring than any other time of the year, due to the heavier load. For mobile operators with a lot of terrain to cover, the K-100’s reduced weight can make your highway travels that much easier.

Samson Rope K-100 Hoist Line: inspection matters, too

No matter how good or durable a rope is, it will show wear and tear after a period of time. Some used rope won’t reduce strength, but many will. Before inspection, consider the following:

  • The length of rope;
  • The time it’s been in service;
  • The type of work it does;
  • Where the damage and the extent of the damage.

On a regular basis, inspect your Samson K-100 rope for the following conditions/damage and take the proper corrective action (repair or retire) based on your findings:




Ultimately, Samson’s K-100 crane rope brings increased safety, easy handling and straight-forward inspection procedures. Hercules SLR Business Development Manager, Dwayne Fader says “Steel wire rope will always have its place – but innovations like this that are much lighter and easy to work with are always exciting.”

Information via Samson Rope – Find more information on the K-100 Rope here

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