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Spotlight on Spartan Industrial Marine

Spotlight on Spartan Industrial Marine Blog Header
Spotlight on Spartan Industrial Marine

Spartan Industrial Marine, a proud member of the Hercules Group of Companies, stands at the forefront of maritime excellence, dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for commercial fishermen and boating enthusiasts. With strategic branches in Dartmouth, Sydney, Yarmouth, Barrington, Nova Scotia, Caraquet, New Brunswick, Charlottetown, PEI and Paradise Newfoundland, Spartan Industrial Marine serves as a beacon for those navigating the diverse waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

As an integral part of the Hercules Group, Spartan Industrial Marine combines a legacy of reliability with a commitment to innovation, ensuring that maritime enthusiasts find a trusted partner in their maritime endeavours. In this blog, we explore the distinct offerings of Spartan Industrial Marine, shedding light on its specialized services and product range, particularly emphasizing its unwavering focus on serving the unique needs of commercial fishermen.

Inspection Services

Spartan Industrial Marine’s services encompass routine inspections of Liferafts, EPIRBs, SARTs, PLBs, Immersion Suits, Life Vests,
PFD’s, and the supply of high-quality marine equipment.

Boating Enthusiasts

Boating enthusiasts can benefit from a range of marine electronics and safety gear, rigging equipment, and sailing apparel enhancing the on-water experience, as well as everything to keep a vessel ship-shape, including:

Spotlight on Spartan Industrial Marine

Commercial Fishermen

Commercial Fishing spartan Marine line card
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Central to Spartan Industrial Marine’s focus is providing essential services to commercial fishermen.

Custom Crab Pots and Lobster Traps

Spartan Industrial Marine offers custom crab pots and lobster traps tailored to customer specifications. This personalized approach ensures that fishermen have the right tools for their unique needs, enhancing both efficiency and productivity on the water.

Product Range

Spartan Industrial Marine proudly hosts top-name brands, including Fierce and Grundens foul weather gear, Helly Hansen, Viking, Stormline, Dunlop, and more. These brands contribute to Spartan Industrial Marine’s commitment to providing high-quality products that withstand the rigors of the open sea.


Evolution Suit

As your maritime partner, Spartan Industrial Marine ensures that whether you seek the thrill of the waves, the challenge of the wind, or the bounty of the sea, you navigate with confidence and reliability.

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