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The Potential for the Wind Turbine Industry in Canada

The Potential for the Wind Turbine Industry in Canada

The most affordable form of new electricity generation in Canada right now is wind energy. Over the past ten years, more wind energy capacity has been installed in Canada than any other type.

What are wind turbines?

The basic idea behind how a wind turbine operates is that, unlike a fan, which creates wind by using energy, a wind turbine creates electricity by utilizing wind. A turbine’s blades, which resemble propellers, rotate around a rotor. The generator is then turned by the driveshaft to produce electricity.

wind turbine

What are the benefits of wind turbines?

– No greenhouse gas emissions
– No air pollution
– No water pollution
– No toxic or hazardous wastes produced
– A domestic source of energy
– It is sustainable
– The industry creates jobs
– Can be built on existing farms or ranches

What are the different types of wind turbines?

Horizontal-axis turbines (HAWT) You usually picture these kinds of wind turbines when you hear the word “wind turbine.” These turbines use rotor blades that are attached to a shaft and rotate it as the wind strikes them, much like windmills do. The difference is that this time the shaft is connected to a generator, which generates the promised electrical energy

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vertical axis turbine

Vertical-axis turbines are one of the types of wind turbines that have a vertically placed shaft that the rotors rotate. Because of their less sensitive construction to wind direction, they are ideal for locations where the wind’s direction varies frequently. The blades would still move and rotate the shaft to generate electricity regardless of which way the wind blew.

Implementation of wind turbines in Canada.

Different sizes and deployment configurations are possible for wind turbines. Most wind turbines in Canada are utility-scale and installed on land in a variety of configurations to supply power straight to the energy grid.

Corporations, First Nations, municipalities, and community organizations all around Canada have installed wind turbines. Through tax payments to governments, lease payments to landowners, and direct cash contributions, wind energy projects significantly enhance the economies of the hundreds of towns across Canada that host them. Smaller wind turbines are also being used in Canada, but less frequently, to supply homes, cottages, and small companies with electricity.

Worldwide, considerably larger offshore wind turbines are being installed to take advantage of the stronger and more reliable winds that blow over the ocean. Currently, there are no offshore wind farms in Canada; however, various initiatives have been put up for potential future growth.

How many Wind Turbines in Canada?

The average age of Canada’s wind turbines is about nine years old, and roughly 60% of them were put into service after 2010. The lifespan of a wind turbine is often around 25 years. The rapid advancement of wind technology has increased the resilience of wind turbines.

With 292 turbines, British Columbia ranks fifth among all provinces and territories. Seven wind farms total, four more in the northeast, two in the southern Interior, and one on Vancouver Island, in addition to Moose Lake in the northeast. In the Vancouver region, atop Grouse Mountain, a popular tourist destination with a panoramic viewing area, there is another one turbine.

Ontario has the most overall turbines, accounting for 2,663 of the nation’s total, or nearly 40%. With 1,991 turbines, Quebec has over 30% more than Alberta, which comes in third with 900 turbines.
New Brunswick has 119 turbines, Prince Edward Island has 104, New Brunswick has 119, Saskatchewan has 153, Manitoba has 133, Newfoundland and Labrador have 27, the Northwest Territories has four, and Yukon has two.

The good thing about Canada is that we have a lot of land and many areas surrounded by water. This gives lots of opportunity for communities to incorporate on and off shore wind farms.

How can Hercules help?

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