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Top 10 Hercules SLR Blogs of 2020

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Top 10 Hercules SLR Blogs of 2020

As 2020 comes to a close we here at The Hercules Group of Companies are reflecting back upon the year. While I think we can all agree that 2020 may not have been the wonderful start of a new decade we all hoped for, it’s always good practice to try to reflect upon the good – whether that’s big or small.

We’ve done a lot of learning this year at the Hercules Group of Companies. These unprecedented times have been tough for many people, but the Hercules Group of Companies has been learning how to be adaptable to changing Canadian and provincial health and safety guidelines in order to keep our employees, customers and community safe while remaining open. Since The Hercules Group of Companies service and provide materials to many essential Canadian industries, this was especially important.

We hope despite the toughness of this year, you too found the opportunity to learn and grow through it. The goal of the Hercules SLR blog is to provide short and easy to understand articles and educational resources for all things securing, lifting and rigging. Hopefully, these blogs allowed some of you to step up your workplace health and safety this year!

So, in a reflection of 2020 – Let’s take a look at 10 articles from the Hercules SLR blog this past year. If you missed any on this list, click to read more!

1. The Hercules Team During COVID-19 | #HercAtWork #HercAtHome

My Post Copy 18

Although we have remained open, business has most certainly not been as normal. We’ve been working very hard to take special measures to ensure the health and well-being of our employees, customers, and community while adhering to provincial guidelines. These measures are detailed here.

This has meant changing up the ways we do things – with some employees shifting to work from home while others on-site made changes to their work routine and procedure to allow for social distancing. Personal time at home also took a shift, just like everyone else!

Here are some of the bright moments our team has shared with us during this time – Because we all need to be reminded to reflect on and relish the good…Read more

2. Safety Tips | Working in Cold Weather

Safety Tips Cold Weather

If you have a job in Canada that involves being outside at all, you’ve probably experienced working through the cold weather. If we didn’t work when there’s snow on the ground, when would we ever work – right?! Working in cold conditions isn’t just uncomfortable, it can be dangerous. Yes, even for us Canadians, no amount of adjusting to the cold will make you immune to the possibility of frostbite, numbness, dehydration or hypothermia. If you’re working outside in the cold, it’s important to be aware of the dangers and be prepared to stay safe…Read more

3. International Women’s Day | Innovative Industry Inventions

International Womens Day

We have compiled 8 extraordinary women throughout history whose inventions have made impacts on industries including, transportation, construction, marine, health & safety, fire prevention, and so many more – whether that be directly or indirectly. We are certain there are so many more notable women that have made significate contributions to the industrial world, but today we’re starting by shining a light on these few!…Read more

4. Safety Tips | Working on Scaffolds

Scaffhold Safety

The most recent report conducted by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS), showed that 251,508 Canadian’s accepted claims for lost time due to work-related injury or disease in just one year. 18% of those time-loss injuries, or about 42,000 workers a year, are injured due to fall incidents alone! …Read more

5. Safety Tips | Working on a Roof

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Did you know that rooftop falls are responsible for a third of fatal construction falls? Rooftop falls can be a “perfect storm” when it comes to falling hazards, because oftentimes they are from a height high enough to cause serious injury, but low enough that you have little time to react or re-position yourself. Rooftop falls happen too often, and when they do, they are incredibly dangerous. But the good news is, rooftop falls are easily avoided with proper understanding of hazards and how to combat them…Read more

6. National Space Day | Rigging in Space

Rig Space

Did you know that May 1st is national space day? We here at Hercules Group of Companies wanted to participate in the fun spirit of today by having a look at some of the ways rigging and fall protection equipment is used in outer space! Yes, you heard us right – Rigging is essential in many different sectors, and space exploration is included on that list, how cool?! …Read more

7. Cost of A Fall | How it Can Effect Your Business

My Post Copy 2 2

Every worker has the right to return home safe each and every day. The most recent report conducted by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS), showed that 251,508 Canadian’s accepted claims for lost time due to work-related injury or disease in just one year. Did you know that approximately 18% of those time-loss injuries, or about 42,000 workers a year, are injured due to fall incidents alone?…Read more

8. 5 Top Tips | Caring for Wire Rope

Wire Rope Care

Rigging equipment has a tough job lifting and moving heavy loads for hours and hours a day. In order for that equipment to be able to be its job, we have to take proper care of it. We expect longevity and endurance from equipment like wire rope, but that can easily turn if not properly treated. Equipment that is properly treated, handled, installed, inspected and stored will reward us with a prolonged life of service, better job performance and peace of mind in knowing it won’t fail…read more

9. Rigging Through History | Skyscraper Appreciation Day

My Post 2020 07 29T152308.566

Skyscraper Appreciation Day is recognized on August 10 as it is the birthday of the famous architect William Can Alen, who is the genius behind the construction of the Chrysler Building, which is one of New York City’s most iconic landmarks. Skyscraper Appreciation Day was initiated and founded by Dr. Tom Stevens – It was created so that the general public could admire the structural and architectural brilliance of skyscrapers and man’s ability to construct industrial masterpieces!…Read more

10. Ask the Experts | Everything Synthetic Web Slings

My Post 2020 10 09T152008.144

If you’re a rigger or work in material handling, you likely encounter synthetic web slings (or webbing slings) often in your work. A synthetic web sling is fantastic to lift delicate or soft materials, since their soft surface offers more protection than abrasive materials, like wire rope…Read more

Hercules Happy New Year 2021 2The Hercules Group Of Companies would like to wish everyone a very happy and prosperous new year from all our team. We look forward to serving you in the new year!