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Under Construction: Building Safety Culture at Hercules SLR


Hercules SLR has been building a safety culture for over 45 years—Yes, we literally got here by playing it safe.

When it comes to rigging, Hercules SLR does it all, and we does it safely. How do we build a safety culture? Read on to learn how we make safety cool, (really).

SAFETY CULTURE | why we’re proud 

We approach safety with everything we do, from how we inspect cranes to how we pull into our parking lot each morning (It’s true, we back in—It’s the safest way).  

It’s important to lead by example. Behaviour-based safety training has long-been used as a framework to build a safety culture. This approach says that human-behaviour is the main cause of workplace accidents, and to prevent workplace accidents, employees should tell supervisors and managers when unsafe behaviours take place, and discipline or reward them—And yes, while human error is up there on the list of reasons why, it’s also been proven that discipline alone and placing blame doesn’t actually make a workplace safer.

It’s much more effective to lead by example, ingrain safety in your daily actions and get feedback from coworkers and employees on the safety culture at your organization. To us, it’s important to know why employees work safe—Why do you want to go home at the end of each day? Whether it’s to spend time with family, play hockey or go ATVing, our safety culture lets us do what we love outside of work.

SAFETY CULTURE | leading by example

We provide training and on-going learning opportunities for our employees—These include:

  • Support and training for all branches across Canada by our in-house trainer, Lisa Barkhouse
  • Rich online resource library (powerpoints, manuals & video)
  • Opportunities for external training and certifications
  • The Hercules Training Academy—our cutting-edge training academy is equipped with a crane that supports 10-tonnes, smaller gantry cranes and materials to lift and rig you’ll actually encounter on-site

Overall, Canadian workplaces lack on-the-job training, and Hercules SLR is passionate about providing on-the-job training. We know it’s important to give our employees the skills they need to be safe.

SAFETY CULTURE | health, safety & life at Hercules SLR

Health and safety go hand-in-hand. How does Hercules SLR make sure we support a healthy lifestyle? We:

  • Offer incentives for employees to get out and get moving
  • Benefits comparable to industry standards
  • Social outings and team-building activities

We’re also proud of our diverse workforce. We have staff hailing from China to England—And Canada, of course.

What else is great about work at Herc? There’s:

  • Strong sense of teamwork 
  • Management team that recognizes individual achievements you reach and exceed
  • Bonuses and sales incentives for our team of Customer Service Representative’s (CSR’s) and salespeople 
  • Exciting growth opportunities for those who are eager to learn—For example, of one our inspectors expressed interest in gaining more certification, and we made it happen for her. 

SAFETY CULTURE | is work at Hercules SLR right for you?

Is #HercAtWork right for you? If you’re:

  • Engaged
  • Motivated
  • A self-advocate
  • Excited to learn

You’ll fit right in. Find information on current career openings below.