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What is Rotation-Resistant Wire Rope?

What Is Rotation-Resistant Wire Rope?
What is Rotation-Resistant Wire Rope?

The term “rotation resistant wire rope” refers to a type of wire rope that is designed to resist the inclination to spin or rotate under stress. These ropes are typically used as single-part lines or in instances where the operating requirements need a rope that can withstand cabling in a multipart system. The basic nature of rotation resistant rope designs places certain restrictions on their use and necessitates certain handling requirements not seen in other rope types.

Rotation resistant wire rope is designed to minimize load rotation during a lift. When lifting with other types of wire rope, elongation and rotation is normal. This can cause a load to spin, possibly out of control, which is a serious safety issue. Thus, rotation resistant wire rope is essential for any application where a load is lifted by a single line.

Rotation resistant wire rope is created by twisting the outer layer of the rope in the opposite direction to the inner layers of the rope. When under tension the opposing rotational forces cancel each other out.

Rotation-resistant wire rope is available in two general classifications:

1) Single layer-consisting of a single layer of three or four strands. Typically, the strands support one another without a core member.
2) Multilayer strand (Multistrand): two or more strand layers that are closed in opposite directions. Each layer of the rope generates torsional pressures that balance each other out, reducing rotation.

When is rotation resistant wire rope useful?

It is used on loads when there is a need for reduced spinning of rotating under the load.

How can you tell if a rope is rotation resistant?

It’s important to remember that the amount of strand layers has an impact on rotational resistance. The resistance of a two-layer rope is lower than that of a three-layer rope. As a result, the more layers a rope has, the greater its rotation resistance.

Hercules SLR offers a wide selection of rotation resistant  wire rope products and can custom fabricate rotation resistant wire rope products for specific requirements.

Have you heard of a swivel block before?

The inner core in rotation resistant wire rope can twist more tightly when a swivel is used. This significantly reduces rope strength and possibly causing early rope failure. Only during the initial installation phase, a swivel may be employed as a temporary device to help prevent any twisting of cabling caused by the installation process.

Once the rope installation is finished and the crane is operational, the swivel needs to be taken out of the reeving. With some rotation-resistant ropes, a swivel may be utilised; always check with the manufacturer.

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