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Women in Industry – Inspection Technician Heather Young

Women in Industry - Inspection Technician Heather Young

Heather Young is one of our Inspection Technicians here at Hercules SLR. We asked her some questions about herself and what made her decide to choose this career path.

Heather Young 1

Tell us about your educational background?

Heather: About 3 years ago I attended CONA , College Of The North Atlantic, in Port Aux Basque NL to start my career as an NDT Technician. NDT is also knows as Non-Destructive Testing. This trade specializes in using various methods to of welding defect detection, methods such as Magnetic particles in a flux field , bright red liquid penetrants, Ultrasounds and X-rays.

My most recent  educational milestone was obtaining an engineering course; LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association)

What made you decide to go into this industry?

Heather: I have obtained knowledge over the years from previous jobs about industrial tools, welding, hydraulics and so much more. I took more of an interest in the welding side of things and decided it was time to start a career; a career that was welding related of course.

Can you tell us about your work experience before joining Hercules SLR?

Heather: I worked at Princess Auto for 8 years, This is where I obtained the knowledge that over time became the reason why I was interested in becoming an inspector. I have learned a incredible amount of useful information in those 8 years from some incredible employees. Princess Auto was basically the jump start to the rest of my career.

What made you want to transition into Inspections ?

Heather: I wanted to work hands on with the products instead of just selling them . I wanted to solve problems associated with industrial applications, I wanted to learn how to use the tools, even how to fix them. I wanted to preform tests that were non-destructive and experience the fun side of destructive testing as a Heather Young 2bonus.

Why did you decide to work for Hercules SLR?

Heather: Hercules is a place that continuously gives opportunities to learn, I have learned beyond what I thought I could ever learn being an Inspections Technician. I wanted to be a part of Hercules as it enabled me to use the skills I learned in college and apply them to real life scenarios. Hercules also offers a wide broad range of different types of jobs which has gained me amazing experience. Everything from inspecting small shackles to working on the inside of large machinery.

Where have you traveled during your time as a Quality and Safety specialist for Hercules SLR?

Heather: I have traveled to other Hercules branches mostly to teach other inspectors the procedures and standards regarding offshore inspections. I also traveled to New Brunswick as an aid for a big job as well as for training purposes. I have been to numerous places here in Nova Scotia also, so many, that its often hard to remember all of them.

Where have you enjoyed traveling to most for your job at Hercules?

HeatherI enjoyed Travelling to Newfoundland the most. A few simple reasons for this, it is where I am from, I was able to see family while I was there and I also really liked the Hercules employees there, I felt welcomed instantly upon arrival.

Is there anywhere that you would like to travel to in the future with Hercules SLR?Heather Young 3

Heather: I would like to travel anywhere really. It is all good experience, everywhere is different and unique.

Is there anything that you hope to accomplish during your career in the industry?

Heather:  I enjoy what I do here at Hercules, so I do have set goals in mind. I would like to continue with the next levels of LEEA, gain more experience as a NDT Tech, and learn more regarding fall arrest equipment.

Lastly, is there anything about you that most people would not know?

Heather: About 6 years ago , I assisted with 2 roofing jobs on houses that needed renovating so they could be sold. It was a summer thing, both houses were located in NB. Since it was part time summer project, it didn’t last very long. I had no experience with using coil roofing nailers, (I only ever sold them) or placing shingles on a roof. It was very physically demanding and I got severely sunburned. I learned a lot from this experience though, I learned that pizza can be delivered to rooftops in NB if you ask .
I came to the conclusion that I enjoyed roofing, but carrying bundles of shingles up a ladder. wasn’t for me…No, not ever again.


If you are interested in working for Hercules, we are always looking for talented people. Check out our careers page here.