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Fall Protection Harness Service

ASME Certified Fall Protection Harness Inspectors

Hercules SLR Fall Protection Equipment Inspection, Test, Maintenance, And Certification

Fall protection harnesses should be inspected prior to every use. In addition to this user performed inspection, it’s important to monitor and maintain the integrity of the harness through periodic fall protection harness service.

According to Canadian law, fall protection harnesses must be inspected and certified every year.

Hercules SLR provides ASME certified Safety harness inspection.

Fall protection harness service includes checking for damage, distortion, and discoloration. The technician also checks that all the labels are present and legible, and checks to see if the impact indicator has been activated.

Nothing is more important that going home safe at the end of the day, so make sure your fall protection harness certification is up-to-date.

Fall Protection Equipment Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Like web slings, fall protection equipment must be inspected by a visual inspection by the product user. A Fall Protection system require to be inspected regularly, at least yearly if not more. All hardware, including hooks, buckles, and D-rings, must be inspected. Examine the items for any cracks or issues.

All components that fail should be taken out of service immediately.

Common reasons why fall protection equipment fails inspection:
– Broken, cut, burned, or pulled stitches
– Broken strands of webbing
– Corrosive, heat, or chemical damage
– Broken strands on the rope lanyard

Why is the harness important?

Every worker has the right to return home safe each and every day. The most recent report conducted by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS), showed that 251,508 Canadian’s accepted claims for lost time due to work-related injury or disease in just one year.

Did you know that approximately 18% of those time-loss injuries, or about 42,000 workers a year, are injured due to fall incidents alone? You can prevent falls and incidents like these by wearing proper fall protection equipment, and wearing it right.

If you’re working at a height exceeding 3 meters (10 feet) occupational health and safety laws generally require fall protection measures to be in place. You can check with your jurisdiction as requirements do vary, but in most cases fall protection measures such as fixed barriers, surface opening protections, control zones, fall or travel restraint systems, fall containment systems or fall arrest systems are required. You can learn more about some of these systems by reading our fall protection glossary.

But it’s not good enough just to throw on the required minimum fall protection equipment and call it a day – It’s important the equipment be used properly.

The Hercules Training Academy offers an extensive suite of high-quality safety training and certification courses, including a course on fall protection!

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