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Rigging Services

Trusted services from trusted rigging experts at Hercules SLR.

Avoid safety risks – rely on our dedicated team of certified riggers to plan and execute a complete rigging system designed to protect you and your attendees.

A productive and successful workplace is safe. A slight or significant mishap may easily ruin a project, resulting in costly downtime and low morale on the job site. There are things that each individual employee can do prior to a lift to ensure their safety as well as others on site.

Hercules SLR is equipped to be an essential part of your workplace. We can provide qualified technicians to inspect, estimate and repair your securing, lifting, and rigging equipment on-site or in one of or full-service shops.

All inspections are in accordance with ASME standards. If a need for repair arises during inspection, we can immediately make recommendations and schedule the repair to reduce work interruption and ensure your equipment meets or exceeds industry standards.

Our specialty is equipment, products, and services for securing, lifting & rigging applications.

Rigging Services

What is rigging inspection?

A visual inspection shall be performed by the user or designated person each day before the rigging hardware is used. A periodic inspection shall be performed by a designated person, at least annually. The rigging hardware shall be examined and a determination made as to whether they constitute a hazard.

There are warning signs that hardware has been weakened and should be replaced:

Cracks: Inspect closely − some cracks are very fine.

Missing parts: Ensure that parts such as catches on hooks, nuts on cable clips and cotter pins in shackle pins are still in place.

Stretching: Check hooks, shackles, and chain links for signs of opening up, elongation and distortion.

Stripped threads: Inspect turnbuckles, shackles and cable clips.

Hercules SLR offers Rigging Inspections, Repairs, Testing and Certification Services

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