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Lifting Magnet Service

Lifting Magnet Certifications to ASME B30.9

Hercules SLR Lifting Magnet Service: Inspection, Test, Maintenance, And Certification

Lifting Magnet Inspection: Canadian law states that lifting magnets must be inspected and certified every year by a qualified professional.

Hercules SLR provides ASME certified inspection, testing, and certification services for lifting magnets.

Lifting magnet safety standards are laid out in ASME B30.20, along with standards for other below-the-hook lifting devices.

The lifting magnet service experts at Hercules SLR can thoroughly inspect, test, and certify lifting magnets.

Bring them to one of our shops across Canada or have our trained service professionals come to you.

Contact Canada’s lifting magnet inspection, testing, certification, and repair experts at Hercules SLR today.

Lifting Magnet Inspection

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Lifting magnets are commonly used in steel mills, scrap yards, loading docks, warehouses, foundries, shipyards, coil and pipe distributors, and other users of applicable steel products.
  • Damage free lifting
  • Cost effective
  • Efficiency
  • Initial Inspections: Before use (new, altered, modified, or repaired)

    Frequent Inspections: each day or shift before the sling is used

    Periodic Inspections:

    -Normal service – yearly

    -Severe service – monthly

    -Special service – as recommended by a qualified person

– Lifting magnet face for foreign materials and smoothness

  • Condition of lifting bail or sling suspension
  • Condition and operation of the control handle
  • Condition and operation of indicators and meters, where applicable
  • For all lifting magnets, except manually controlled permanent magnets, inspect all electrical conductors that are visible without disassembly for loose connections, continuity, corrosion, and damage to insulation
  • For battery operated electromagnets, inspect for the proper level of battery electrolyte and corrosion of either the battery posts or connectors
  • Cracked housings, welds, and loose bolts
  • Labels and markings
  • The lifting magnet coil shall be tested for ohmic and ground readings and compared to the manufacturer’s standards
  • Customers can come to one of our shops across the country or we can come to you with our Mobile Testing Unit. Technicians at Hercules SLR are trained and certified with LEEA accreditation. All inspections are completed within ASME standards.
Why Should I Use A Lift Magnet Certification Service?

Lift Magnets cannot be visually inspected alone. Lift Magnet Failure is often the result of internal damage to the magnetic material and is not evident by simple visual inspections that can be performed on other lifting devices. Our Lift Magnet Testing and Certification Service performs both a thorough visual inspection and functional testing of your magnetic lifting products using testing techniques and equipment that meet or exceed the ASME B30.20 Standards for Below-the-Hook Magnetic Lifting Devices. These performance tests are often referred to as Breakaway tests.

Proper breakaway testing of a lift magnet will determine the maximum lift capacity of that magnet under ideal conditions. The outcome of the test allows the operator/owner of the lift to determine if the magnet meets the rated Working Load Limit (WLL) or lift capacity as designed by the manufacturer. After testing, We provide documentation of the testing and a certificate of conformance if the magnet meets the manufacturer’s labeled rating.

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