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Magnetic Particle Testing

Canada's Magnetic Particle Testing Experts

Magnetic Particle Testing and Inspection

Magnetic particle inspection is a form of nondestructive examination which uses one or more magnetic fields to locate surface and near-surface flaws in ferromagnetic materials, without compromising the integrity of the item.

During a magnetic particle examination, very fine coloured magnetic particles are applied to the surface of the item being inspected, and a magnetic field is applied with a permanent magnet or electromagnet. The coloured magnetic particles will be drawn into any discontinuities, creating an immediate visible indication on the surface of the item. This process can be completed on large, small, or irregularly shaped objects.

Even though magnetic particle testing does require some surface preparation, it is a very popular and affordable method to perform a nondestructive examination of ferromagnetic materials. Ferromagnetic equipment is anything made up of a material that can be magnetized or strongly attracted by a magnetic field, such as iron, nickel, and cobalt, and some of their alloys.

Evaluate hidden defects in ferromagnetic materials before they cause downtime and contact Hercules SLR for magnetic particle inspection.

Magnetic Particle Testing
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